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The cooperative "SUCCESS starts AT HOME"

The People-Specialists

We connect

to lead Christians into a God-pleasing, fulfilling life.

The 5 W, that really matters to a life for all of us:

Wissen (knowledge)

We combine the knowledge of the youth with the

Weisheit (wisdom)

of age on a

Werte-Fundament (value foundation)

that we know is sustainable and fruitful.

Wachstum (growth)

is then the automatic result and growth (Wachstum) leads automatically to

Wohlstand (prosperity)

and that means to us a prospering live with FERTILITY.

Do you have any questions for us? Karl and Annett PILSL are very happy to receive your personal message |

Our VISION - our conviction:

“Good news in every home - because SUCCESS (ErVOLLG) starts AT HOME.“

The most important thing for a fullfilling life is to stand on the right VALUE foundation. We stand on the Christian / Biblical value foundation.

Our FIVE Business Areas

Our mission

The aim of this cooperative is to keep asking the members the following questions:

  • Why am I on this earth?

  • What talents, dreams and visions did God give me on this earth and how can I use them to create unique solutions for other people

  • What do other people get from the fact that I exist with my talents and my vision?

We bring ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING into every home,
so that the growing children and adolescents start early in life
to cultivate their talents, to develop problem solutions from them
and to deal with the various possible business models,
in order to ultimately create income for themselves and jobs for other people later in life,
that make people’s hearts leap.

    • Germany needs people who do not regard the government or the public authorities as their problem-solvers or providers, but who develop themselves into problem-solvers for other people and become able to provide for themselves and their families.
    • Germany needs people who are ready to use their talents for the benefit of other people in such a way that the people can make a good living out of their own work, not out of any social security programs – if this is not really necessary.
    • Germany needs people who are ready to take on responsibility for other people and to develop and make themselves available as leaders, executives and ultimately also as mentors.
    • Corporations need employees who are willing to think along and actively contribute their talents to the employers vision.
We know from experience:
When we keep our kids busy with future issues, they will automatically lose interest in all other strange things.

We need to recognize the challenges of today and courageously shape them positively.

INPUT determines the OUTPUT. What children and adolescents are so inputting nowadays cannot lead to anything good. Countermeasures must be taken here.

Because never forget: YOUR output IS the input for other people.


There is almost no awareness in this world that man always reap what he has sown before or was sown for him.


We see it as our mission to support families, single parents and grandparents in releasing their children into their future with a strong VALUE foundationand in doing so to find their own ANSWERS to Questions that they may not have been aware of up to now.

We parents have no right to tell our children what to do for a living in their future. But with every child we have taken on the responsibility to equip them with a strong VALUE foundation so that they can cope with the challenges of life, in order to master the storms of lifewith necessary stamina.

What use is the best know-how and the most current knowledge if the person does not have a stable VALUE foundation (character and discipline) and one cannot really rely on this person? A house on a weak foundation is worthless, even if there were gold fittings in the bathroom.

We help people/parents who want help with building Value foundation for their children.


We provide to people what people are really looking for and what they need to live a fulfilling life.

We are convinced that when you have what other people are looking for, you don’t need to look for the people anymore because people are looking for you.

These are the 5 Gs, that people are really looking for
and are taught in our UMDENK-Zentren
on a regular basis by the cooperative
- with lots of inspiration and encouragement - :


is the most important. Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.

GELD (Money)

creates freedom in thinking and acting and makes many things possible.

GEMEINSCHAFT (Community in the same spirit)

Tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you what will become of you. Your INPUT determines your OUTPUT - we live INPUT leadership.

GNADE (Grace)

Only acting in grace makes life really easy in dealing with other people.

GLÜCK (Happiness)

True happiness has many faces - but only when your heart is connected to God and leaps daily, then you have really arrived.
Only living in a community where grace is lived and practiced leads to a truly happy life.

We show people how to live a full life.
It begins in the heart of the person, then in the family - behind the front door and continues on their further path in life, wherever they go.

Our training programs for people who want to take this new path:

This cooperative offers its members a wide variety of training programs that serve to consolidate, strengthen, encourage and inspire the INPUT of TODAY’s people with the strong WORD. These include:

  • The Online Bible School for Leaders and People-Specialists.
    You can find more about this here:
  • The Online Leadership School based on biblical principles.
    The leadership mentoring support program.
    You can find more about this here:
  • Further online schools are coming soon
    • We bring entrepreneurial thinking behind the front door
    • The fascination of the second half of life – Club 45plus
    • And more are added from year to year. We are also adding programs in English, in cooperation with American partners.
2) Training programs – „Rethinking and reorienting“: 3) A large number of workbooks – especially „Rethink in 21 days“ – already available
  • „The Path to the People-Specialist®“
    already available
  • “ErVOLLG starts AT HOME” – The power of the spoken word
    already available
  • Talents, dreams, visions and goals – why should I like to learn thinking like an entrepreneur?
    in progress
  • 45plus – the fascination of the second half of life – start all over again professionally
    in progress
  • and much more.
4) An extensive TABLE calendar program – independent of the month and year – with highly inspiring topics with the aim of not only doing your own weekly planning, but also bringing various personality-strengthening messages to people’s hearts and minds at the same time. A weekly planning with an accompanying message that is life-changingand an optimal addition for everyone who wants to develop and unfold personally and professionally.

5) MEDIA program: There are already 15 workbooks for coaching, seminars and small group meetings at

3 further areas that are gradually being built up

1) A Partner system of ambassadors of the licensed Umdenk-Trainer® and Menschenspezialisten®, who are ready to pass on the cooperative’s message „SUCCESS starts AT HOME“to their target group and thus actively support the cooperative’s vision. The establishment of Umdenk-Zentren for the cooperative in the regions is already being planned. More on this will follow shortly.

2) Umdenken.TV – An “internet-based” television program up to a 24-hour program with contributions from the cooperative, the Umdenk-Akademie® and other speakers and programs – German and English – from our Partners in the USA.

3) USAforyou-AcademyInspirations for Business & Life in Tulsa, OK – Seminars and Workshop for German speaking Businessman – in German and also in English with translations.

With these programs, we like to bring people from German-speaking countries into contact with the USAforyou Academy program and finally invite them to the possibilities they have in Oklahoma and Texas etc. So we can inspire these cooperative members with the entrepreneurial spirit of the American middle class, encourage them and give them new perspectives and orientation for their future.

We want to open the doors for young people to study in the USA, to get an education there or to find partners for their business ventures.

We want to open the doors to the USA for people in the second half of their lives, even though they speak little / no English or don’t know anyone there who would pick them up from the airport. And we show them that it is very normal in the USA to really start again after 50 and do things that were not possible in the first half of life. Returning to Germany they can start a second or third or forth career.

Our target group here are people who are friendly towards the USA. Somebody who is not in favor with the USA we cannot help with this.

Due to Karl Pilsl’s 42-year history in the USA, we know this country very well[lb]
and we also have networks of many contacts and relationships that we are happy to make available to our cooperative members.

Give the children a strong foundation of VALUES and you have secured their future - no matter what they do for a living!

Give people a PERSPECTIVE and they will master

How can I deal and work with the cooperative

"SUCCESS-starts-AT HOME" - thePeople-Specialists e.G.


(We write in the masculine form for the sake of simplicity. But we know that women would be for certain topics even more qualified partners.)

A cooperative (e.G.) is a movement of like-minded people with matching values and shared vision and goals. An e.G. is a legal entity, the owners are the cooperative members and the supreme management authority and owner representation is the supervisory board (Aufsichtsrat).

The board of directors (Vorstand) defines the strategy and the program and mainly conducts day-to-day business and implements the common goals. Both bodies are re-elected every 5 years. Re-election is of course possible.

In an e.G. Each member has the opportunity to participate if certain rules of the game are adhered to, which are laid down by the Board of Management (Vorstand) and the Supervisory Board (Aufsichtsrat). Employees and Volunteers are welcome.

So that the cooperation can run properly and in accordance with the statutes, there are of course the corresponding requirements, according to the individual tasks and positions.

Basics of the company structure:

The e.G. works with active Umdenk-Trainers® trained by the Umdenk-Akademie®, both as salaried employees (full-time and part-time), but also as a freelance, independent partner, if this is the better form for the partner and the cooperative.

The cooperative attaches great importance to the fact that the work is regionalized as much as possible and is accompanied by a lot of personal relationships and opportunities for encounters.

What is expected of a partner - requirement profile - or what are the prerequisites for being able to become a partner or employee?

Another type of collaboration

There are also a number of ways to work with us on this topic, as an active Umdenk-Trainer® in our Umdenk-Zentren of the cooperative „ErVOLLG starts ZUHAUSE“ eG, as well as target group specialists, speakers, know-how carriers, authors, Publishers, training institutes, etc. or as company vision partners who want to make a contribution with their company so that life behind the front door becomes much more attractive for the family as a whole.

If you are interested or if you have additional questions, just write us a message to .

One of our executives will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


The cooperative „SUCCESS starts AT HOME“ – The People-Specialists e.G. has – especially in times like these – a strong socio-political relevance, but is independent, not part of any political party or religious organisation.

However, we believe in the Christian image of man accordingly to
the New Testament – the New Covenant with God.

How do you become a member of this cooperative?

Very easily:

1 cooperative share costs € 100.00 and has one vote in the general meeting.
(This is an ownership share in the cooperative and not a payment for a special service.)

Of course, only one payment is necessary, and you are a member as soon as your share in the cooperative has been received and the Board has approved the inclusion. This entitles you to take advantage of the basic services and experiences of the cooperative and to work together.

Of course, you are also welcome to draw several shares if the topic is particularly important to you or if you would like to get particularly involved. 

Would you like to become a vision partner because you either want to support the vision of the cooperative as a pioneer member right from the start or because you yourself have a vision in your heart and you could imagine realizing it step by step together with the cooperative?
Then you are cordially invited to join us at the start with at least 10 shares
(€ 1.000,00).
If that is your goal, then after your share subscription you will be invited to a  free 2.5-day workshop with Karl Pilsl immediately, where we will talk in detail about your vision and the possibilities we have to realize your vision – also financially –  by participation of the cooperative.

Investing members who would like to participate in the cooperative with a larger amount of money or valuables are very welcome. A personal discussion about this with a member of the supervisory board or board of directors is desired. 

If you would like to become a member,fill out our contact form or simply send us an e-mail and pay the corresponding amount into the following account of the cooperative.
You will then immediately receive a response from us.

Application for membership

We look forward to walking this path with you and looking forward to a really fruitful, life-changing long-term collaboration in this SHARED VISION.

Your board of directors and supervisory board:

Karl Pilsl and Annett Pilsl
Ing. oec Renate Handschack, Dipl. Ing. jur. Lawyer (RA) Lothar Handschack

You are welcome to use this account to subscribe your shares:

„ErVOLLG beginnt ZUHAUSE“ – Die Menschenspezialisten® e.G.
IBAN: DE39 7409 0000 0007 5210 14 BIC: GENEDEF1PA1

Also suitable as a donation account – but please indicate whether you are buying a share or making a donation!

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