Our Offer

Entrepreneurial thinking behind the front door

Our offer to the target group:
An ONLINE-mentoring-program for kids and adolescents at the age of 10 to 20 , to inspire entrepreneurial thinking, , as well as their parents who would like to support this.
There should be more young people who don’t give in to negative information but prepare for their entrepreneurial future, as well as parents who support their kids in doing so.
In addition to Karl Pilsl 2-4 active young entrepreneurs will also contribute their experiences, because these are much easier to understand for adolescents and therefore will have a better access to their hearts.
Which teenager would like to listen to a 70 year old?

Club 45plus - The fascination of the second half of life "Start all over again"

Our offer to the target group:
ONLINE-mentoring-program for people beyond the age of 45, who want to prepare themselves really good for the second half of life.
In addition to Karl Pilsl, there are also 2-4 active high-flyers , who are willing to open their hearts and are happy to pass on their motives for starting all over again as inspiration and encouragement.
The fascination of the second half of life – because life lasts longer than you think!

The real hidden reserves in Germany can be found in unused talents, experiences, potentials and the wisdom of those over 50.
Why? Because many are already preparing for their retirement from the age of 50.
When we learn a better usage of these reserves, there will be alot more new jobs for younger people in the future.
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