About Karl Pilsl

About the founder and initiator of the cooperative

Karl Pilsl – born in 1948 in Austria, married to Annett, father of 8 children and 18 grandchildren – has been an independent entrepreneur for over 50 years with a passion and a burning vision in his heart.

He has experienced all the ups and downs of this life – from great success in various areas to the greatest defeat an entrepreneur can experience: bankruptcy. And he learned a lot during this process. 

Since 1977 he has been internationally active in the media and information sector as a market researcher, consultant, public speaker and publisher. He founded a dozen companies and organizations by himself and led hundreds of employees in these various companies and organizations. In this time he made all the mistakes that an entrepreneur, manager, husband and father can make and learned from his mistakes. 

He is himself the author of more than 40 books on the subjects of corporate strategy, leadership, motivation, economic trends and a successful life. Being an entrepreneur and trusting God belong together – that is what he stands and lives for and this makes him unique and powerful in his seminars, lectures and workshops. It is an exiting experience to listen to him. 

Karl Pilsl has also been active in the USA since 1979, as a business journalist since 1987 and concerns himself particularly with the question: „What can German middle-class entrepreneurs learn from American middle-class entrepreneurs?“ He analyzed hundreds of American companies and gained a lot of experience. He lived in the USA for decades and crossed the Atlantic for more than 300 times. In this way, two cultures were connected with one another over the decades. 

Hundreds of thousands of his books, audio books and DVDs, as well as thousands of his live events with nearly two hundrer thousand listeners and partizipents so far, have inspired and encouraged people to live an active, enthusiastic life. So far, he has reached almost a million people through his books, audio books, DVDs, etc. He is a mentor who challenges his audience and thus inspires them to rethink and encourages them to go their own way and to fulfill their God-given assignment. 

Karl Pilsl is the founder of the German Umdenk-Akademie® and the USA-for-you Academy – Inspirations for Business & Life in Tulsa, OK, as well as the Verlag Gute Nachricht GmbH in Germany. The Club45plus – The fascination of the second half of life – can also be traced back to his initiative. 

In 2014 he started the project work of a cooperative and in 2020 the
cooperative „SUCCESS starts AT HOME“ – The People-Specialists was founded.
Here he is Chairman of the Board of Management and continues
the vision „Good News in Every House“ – SUCCESS starts AT HOME with his wife Annett. 

Together they keep asking themselves: „What do other people get from the fact that we exist?“

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Do you have any questions for us? Karl and Annett PILSL are very happy to receive your personal message

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